June 24 2012

Don’t Chew What You Can’t Swallow

What a show this week folks, you better brush your teeth tonight because you are in for a real treat. In this weeks chomps radio show she finishes her conversation with Christopher Walken. Then talks to a couple bowls of New England Clam Chowder about their Boondock Saints 3 script. Finally a very strange call from a Murderer to finish off the show. As always Chomps gives you the news, makes fun of the baby and gives you one of her daily recipes.


June 18 2012

Food For Thought

In this episode of Chomps food show, she talks to Ed Hochuli about the latest scandal in the NFL. A can of Bushes Baked Beans calls in and wont stop singing (beans are the musical fruit you know) and finally Christopher Walken stops by to talk about his newest film. All this and more on this weeks episode of The Chomps The Cat Food Call In Show!


June 11 2012

Cannibal Hologram

This weeks Chomps Food Call In Show is a doozey! She starts the show off right with a call from popcorn who talks about the summer blockbusters. A cannibal calls in to talk to some spicy cajun shrimp about eating. The boss himself Bruce Springsteen calls in to break the title of his new album and the fact that he is in space fighting a war. A big show filled with lots of laughs.


June 4 2012

Soup And Salad

In this episode of Chomps The Cat Food Call In Show, Chomps talks to a bowl of soup that has avoided being eaten for 13 years. Then a salad calls in that loves dressing and hates when people order it on the side. Chomps talks about the news, politics and food. Enjoy the show.