July 31 2012

To Eat His Own

Chomps has bitten off more than she can chew on this one. In her longest episode to date Chomps chats with an Avocado who is on the road with Mitt Romney. A message that Guy Sarkenson has left for Chomps is played, she still hasn't called him. The Olympics are in full swing and a Protein Bar who may or may not be in them calls in to talk about it. And lastly Chomps talks to a teen who believes she is a werewolf. All of this and so much more on this weeks Chomps The Cat Food Call In Show.


July 24 2012

Go Suck On A Lemon

Chomps is large and in charge this week as she takes calls from coast to coast. First on the line is a Californian Omelet calling from Denver about being lost in the woods and joining Chomps kickstarter. Then a Lemon calls in that is sick and tired of being used as a garnish. Lots to talk about, a lot going on this week. Get your news from the moving water fountain that is Chomps radio!


July 17 2012

A Chicken In Every Pot

Boy oh boy, who would have thought a podcast hosted by a cat would be so informative. Well it is, I don't care what you say. In this weeks Chomps food show Nick Nolte calls the show hoping to get a cab to take him home. A bowl of Jell-o talks about its recent alien abduction. And lastly Tod Browning calls to tell us about his career in film and what he's been up to the last 70 years. The calls are real, the host is a cat and the humor is absurd. Thanks for listening.


July 10 2012

Bring Home The Bacon

Chomps just will not stop producing material! So here we are again, another week and another new show. On today's Chompscast, a 90 dollar Steak calls in to talk about how much he hates the poor. A Mountain Lion without teeth mauls a woman and sneaks into Wimbledon. Lastly a Pulled Pork Sandwich talks about his hard rock band and the Kickstarter he just started up. Enjoy the show!


July 3 2012

Coming Back For Seconds

A new week and a new episode of Chomps food call in radio show. In this weeks episode comedian Mike O'Keefe calls in and tells Chomps some jokes about food. A can of Mountain Dew discusses what video games are hot right now. And finally a friend from Chomps's past calls to discuss why Chomps doesn't call him anymore. The humor is off the wall and right onto the plate ready for your ear consumption.