August 29 2012

Salt Of The Earth


The Salt Of The Earth


August 21 2012

Chunks Of Change

Well ladies and gentlemen, we have a sugar coated treat for you this week. Chomps gets a call from a Voss Water that hates its step father. Then a Smoothie calls in that hates chunks and thinks the world should be smoother. To close out the show today Lisa Davenport calls just to talk about how hot its been lately. It's radio at its most delicious. Find us on Itunes, give us a 5 star review for extra credit.


August 14 2012

Truth Or Pear?

Chomps has a belly full of wisdom to break out on you this week. Right off the bat things get interesting when Trail Mix calls in and wants to be re branded as more extreme. Not long after that a pear farmer named Mary comes in to play a game she invented called truth or pear. Chomps and The Baby take you through all the calls and have fun while doing it.


August 7 2012

Southern Style Knuckle Sandwich

Do you know the number to call into Chomps show? Me neither, but i know she responds to all facebook messages, where does she find the time? Well she had the time to make a new show this week. She starts off by taking a call from a Chik-fil-A sandwich that has a lot to say about his recent news stories. Then a Pony Sandwich tells Chomps about how hard it was growing up as pony meat. Finally Chomps takes a very interesting call from Manny The Cannibal, who is trying to make the transition from eating people to stand up comedy. Chomps can't and wont stop. We know, we've asked her to.