September 26 2012

One Smart Cookie

Chomps radio goes coast to coast, thats the coast of Lake Michigan to the coast of Iceland. This week she has some very interesting conversations. Chomps starts the show talking to a Fig Newton who is trying to get out of his packaging. Then Barry Finnes calls in to talk about his new creative Iphone apps that he made. Also The Baby has some stupid things to say while Chomps drops knowledge. Enjoy Chomps The Cat Food Call In Show.


September 18 2012

The Cream Of The Crop

Chomps The Cat continues her amazing call in show that has the critics running wild. This week Chomps talks to a Scientist that has discovered a new food pyramid. Then she plays a song she recorded at the Chechnian train festival. She closes out the show with a return call from NFL ref Ed Hochuli going over the bad calls from week one. Chomps talks shop but mostly food in this weeks Chomps The Cat Food Call In Show.


September 11 2012

Binge And Purge

In this episode of the Chomps weekly podcast, Chomps talks to a taco salad that is becoming a freelance photographer. Then, she listens to a message left to her by Clint Eastwood. And finally, Chomps talks to a Redneck who loves space!


September 4 2012

Super Food

Chomps is new AND improved this week. She starts out strong with a call from some Fondue that is in prison for writing bad checks. Then gets a call from a Super Food that refuses to tell Chomps its secret identity. It's Chomps The Cat Food Call In Show, where food has the problems and a cat has the answers. Of course The Baby is there to help her through the show. All of this and more on this weeks Chomps The Cat Food Call In Show.