October 31 2012


Chomps tells the story of how Grubbs got a job at 106.7. Happy Hallowchristmas everyone. Hope you all enjoyed Chomptober!


The Moon Is Lazy

Chomps sings The Baby a song about the moon.


Chomptober Halloween Spooktacular

Chomptober ends with a bang! The spooks and scares are a mile a minute this week. First The Baby tries to interview a ghost and he succeeds! Jimmy Stewart shows up and tells The Baby all about being a spirit. Then an Un-Cut Jack-o'-lantern comes on to tell Chomps about Halloween Safety. Hope everyone enjoyed Chomptober, Chomps enjoyed all the extra attention.


October 29 2012

Last Years Halloween (You’re Welcome)

Chomps tells The Baby the story of last years Halloween.


October 25 2012

All You Can Eat Love

Chomps new hit song All You Can Eat Love, Chomptober continues!


October 23 2012

Eye Scream

Chomptober is in full swing here in Albuquerque, and things are only getting scarier. Chomps starts off the show with a murder! No i hoot, sorry she starts off with a hoot. Hummus calls in and is stuck at a strange party in the south. Then Chomps is having some audio problems and a technician comes down to try and help her fix it. All this and more as we get closer to the end of Chomptober!


October 19 2012

Lost Call Brett Hiker

Chomps talks to Brett Hiker in this lost call thats exclusively for Chomptober!


October 16 2012

Vegetable Garden Gnome Chompsky

What a week it has been folks, we are officially more than half way through Chomptober and everything is clicking along. Chomps starts the show off with a call from Head Coach Gerald Grisland who is putting together a football team for his culinary school. Then an HR rep comes down to the show to talk to Chomps about a complaint that she has received. All of this and so much much more on this weeks episode of The Chomps The Cat Food Call In Show.


October 11 2012

An Acquired Taste

Chomps is hungry for one thing and one thing only, calls! Ok who am I kidding, we know thats not true. This week Chomps talks to someone who is inventing a sport called "Kitty Soccer." Then a scientist has discovered a new strain of marijuana in camel dung. Chomptober continues with more Chomps than anyone can handle!


October 6 2012

Lost Call Nolan Ryan

Chomptober continues with a blast with her first lost call. Nolan Ryan calls in to talk about baseball, not a lot of it adds up. But enjoy a never before heard Chomps The Cat call!

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