November 27 2012

Bacon Lettuce Taco

November has ended and so comes another episode of Chomps. This week Chomps welcomes onto the show Lettuce. He is trying to get the BLT "band back together" and wants Bacon to come back despite there differences. Then Guy Sarkason stops by and takes over the show! He even starts taking calls when Chomps is gone. Crank that oven to 450 degrees and get ready for some Chomps.


November 20 2012


Chomps is talking turkey this Thanksgiving with a Chompsgiving themed episode. We recommend that you listen to this one as you get your food ready for your holiday. This week Chomps has on Cranberry sauce as she does every year. Cran gives Chomps the breakdown on all the best black friday deals. Then The Ghost Of Turkeys Past calls in to tell Chomps the TRUE story of Thanksgiving. It's a holiday extravaganza to be enjoyed with friends and food.


November 13 2012

Crystal Cheese Ball

This week Chomps is helping victims of Hurricane Sandy heal with humor. Her first caller is a wizard who loves to quest with his friend the knight. But his powers are not what     you'd think. Then a Coney Dog from the Jersey Shore chats with Chomps about what he thinks caused the hurricane. And of course The Baby and Grubbs are around causing all kinds of problems. Enjoy the show.


November 6 2012

Leggo My Faygo

Chomps is here with her election predictions! Also an AM radio host joins her in studio. Then a bottle of Faygo calls in from the gathering of the Juggalos. Chomptober is over but Chomps keeps on coming. Enjoy!


November 1 2012

Chomptober Ends

Chomptober ends with a final song from Chomps and a special thank you to her guests.