December 25 2012

It’s A Wonderful Chomps

Well the world didn't end, so the show goes on. This week is filled with adventure and opinions. First a Firefighter calls in when he hears a very very large cat is stuck in a tree. We hear about a new music festival Chomps is planning and find out why Dr Dog is so popular. Then in what can only be called a Christmas miracle a Twinkie calls in and has a very strong opinion. Then Lil' Debbie joins the conversation and also has very strong opinions. It's a Chomps for the ages, enjoy everybody.


December 18 2012

Live From The End Of The World!

It's a very special episode of Chomps The Cat Food Call In Show. The world is ending and Chomps is taking you out in style. Chomps first call is from Michael Strepthroat, and boy is he sick. Michael was told he has the plague that will wipe out mankind! Or maybe he doesn't. Then a Cult Follower gives Chomps a ring to talk about how "he" is coming. Who "he" is and what "he" wants is revealed on this very episode. It's the last episode of Chomps! If the world implodes or whatever if not she'll be back next week. But we all knew how this would end, not with a bang but with a whisker.


December 11 2012

Tuesdays With Mowrey

Chomps is going down under for this weeks episode. The show begins with a call from Dwayne who loves everything about Australia. He even used to work at an Outback Steak House. Then Chomps therapist Sarah Mowrey comes by and tries to work out things between Chomps and The Baby. Also news stories and Chomps breaks down the episode for her outro. Don't fill up on other podcasts, save some room for Chomps The Cat Food Call In Show.


December 4 2012

From Head To Burrito

What a week it has been for Chomps and The Baby! The hits just keep on coming, this weeks show is not to be missed. Chomps starts the show with a call from a Disaster Burrito that wants to be eaten by Chomps. Then a chat with Long Term Eating Contest Judge Gregory Stillwater. He thinks Chomps has been cheating. Of course there is also news and Chomps famous outro.