February 26 2013

Where In The World Is Chomps Part 7

Chomps calls in from the road this week and shares a song she wrote for The Baby! awwww, how cute. Also messages from chicken and waffles and some guy. Hopefully Chomps makes it back soon you guys.


February 19 2013

Where In The World Is Chomps Part 6

Chomps The Cat's whereabouts are still unknown, but there are clues in the messages. This week calls from Dion's Ranch Dressing, Michael Clayton, A McDonalds Janitor and Jason Green.


February 12 2013

Where In The World Is Chomps Part 4

The Baby has been pretty busy changing out Chomps messages for her while she's away. This week is packed full of messages from the likes of Bane to a Chicken Fried Steak. And Bill Belichick let's us know what really caused the Super Bowl blackout. Hopefully Chomps gets back soon, until then enjoy the messages and eat a pizza on Chomps.


Where In The World Is Chomps Part 5

More messages this week featuring the likes of Hummus that is going bad and Matthew Mcconaughey trying to convince Chomps he's not an actual lawyer. Gotta love these short episodes.