April 23 2013


This week Chomps covers ALL the topics! Well, really just two. First she talks to Steve from California who ran for Pope but did not win. We hear about his Pope platforms and the Pope application process. Then the leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un is on the line talking about his countries ambitions and living with his father's ghost inside a turtle. Were talking politics and religion this week on Chomps the Cat Food Call In Show.


April 16 2013

The Return Of Chomps T. Cat

Chomps The Cat returns this week and we are happy to have her back. She starts the show off by catching up with The Baby and Manny the ex cannibal. We find out some new information about what Chomps has been up too. Then a call from Grubbs at the grocery store gets weird when he talks about conjuring the devil. And to close the show Bud calls in from the road and regals us with some stories of him and Chomps hot froggin it across the country. All of this and more as Chomps The Cat Food Call In Show returns!


April 10 2013

Chomps Is Coming Home

Chomps is released from her holding and interviewed about what is next for her.


April 3 2013

The Interrogation of Chomps T. Cat

What has Chomps been up too? Some answers and some more questions this week as we get a tape of Chomps The Cats Interrogation.