May 30 2013


Chomps has a show for the ages this week. First we have news, lots of news this week and Chomps get you up to date on the world. Then a Cicada calls in upset that the UN wants to turn bugs into food. She has a plan to fix this. Then Chomps old friend Michael Isaac Brown stops by and has it out with Chomps. Finally Flude, a food substitute gives the show a ring to try to explain what it is. All of this and so much more in this weeks episode!


May 24 2013

Hot Doggin It

Chomps takes calls, you know the drill. This week on the show Chomps has on Spike Lee's Hot Dog who tells us his classic burns to yell at players. Also Carmello Anthony drops by and gives Chomps 2 questions. Then some French Toast rings in to tell us about a video game its been developing. You dig sand, thats really all you do. All of this and of course much much more on this weeks episode of The Chomps The Cat Food Call In Show.


May 16 2013

The Best Of Chomps Year One!

It's been a year of Chomps The Cat Food Call In Show. You voted and here are the top 6 calls! From Clam Chowder to a Wizard we have an extra long jam packed show this week. Full of the best calls, messages and songs from the last year. Thanks for listening and enjoy the show!


May 9 2013

Mountain Don’t Stop Or We’ll Die

Chomps is one week away from her one year anniversary! She is living large and in charge this week with a call from video game reviewer Mountain Dew! He talks about the new Tomb Raider and some other hot summer games. Then Wendell the shelf builder calls in looking for his long lost mother. It's a show for the books folks, make sure you file it under awesome.


May 2 2013

The Price Of Grapeness

What a week it has been for Chomps The Cat. First she takes a call from Tim Tebows agent who is trying to get Tim onto a new team. Any team, the sport doesn't even matter. Then Ketchup gives us a ring to tell us what goes into the process of making real american Ketchup.