June 27 2013

Gettin Hitched

Chomps is all over the map this week, from Afghanistan to Instagram. This week she has on James Darling who has invented a breast milk lollipop. Chomps wants to know where he got the idea and how does he know what breast milk tastes like? Then a Catfish calls in with some love advice for Chomps. Will she finally find true love? Does The Baby love a good breast milk lolli? Tune in to this weeks episode to find out!


June 20 2013

Ciabatta Be Kiddin Me

Chomps has on some really great guests this week, probably the greatest of all time. Groupon gives Chomps a call with some fantastic deals, but not all is as it seems in this call. Will Chomps get her Jelly of the month subscription? I hope she does. Then Bread calls in and is having a skit with Chomps. But in the worst way possible. Enjoy the show!


June 13 2013

Breakfast Lunchables and Dinner

The summer son is shinning strong and that can only mean one thing, its time for a new episode of Chomps The Cat Food Call In Show. On this weeks show, Chomps talks to Half&Half about an upcoming show they have. And guess what, they want Chomps to open! But first she has to break the Half&Half out of the fridge. Then Lunchables call in and want to throw a party but don;t know who to invite. Only Chomps can help them get the guests they need! All of that plus news and music and its all wrapped together in a nice little bow. Enjoy the show!


June 6 2013

Spices World

Chomps just keeps getting bigger and she keeps getting better. This week, what a show people. She starts off with a call from THE Spices Girls, who are embarking on a world tour. The tour sounds pretty dangerous though, still The Baby will be at there next show if there is a god in this world. Then James the  gym teacher calls in to tell Chomps about how to get her in shape. He also teaches kids at a prison how to stay fit. All of this and of course so much much more this week on Chomps The Cat Food Call In Show.