July 25 2013

Cronuts Go Nuts

Chomps has a new station! We are very pleased and happy to announce that we are joining 88.9 The X! This week Chomps tries to get some Cronuts from New York. Then the Albuquerque Turkey calls in to tell Chomps about his new documentary. Enjoy the show!


July 18 2013

The Realm Of Pizza

Chomps has a full show for everyone this week. First a calls from Mikey Mike Mike Mike who is throwing a mixer for Sigma Alpha Nu Nu and wants Chomps to be the mascot. Then the Lord of the realm Angor calls in and needs Chomps help right away. I hope you saved room for desert because there is a surprise at the end of this weeks episode!


July 11 2013

Cold As Ice Cube

This week Chomps is in deep deep water. First Popcorn calls in with its summer movie reviews! He's seen some good movies, some bad ones and some secrets come out. Then the FCC calls in to tell Chomps she needs to stop bad mouthing the government or they are going to shut her down. What will she do?!


July 4 2013

Operation Operation

Chomps has a special Fourth Of July episode for all of you wonderful listeners. This week she talks to a Catfish that is writing a novel and needs help figuring out some of the plot. Then Pete Pucker a famous weather man calls in to tell Chomps that it is going to be a hot one. Of course we have the latest on Aaron Hernandez and a spectacular closing, so enjoy the show!