October 31 2013

Chomps Or Treat

Hope you are ready for thrills and chills this week Chomp Nation. We start the show off with horrifying call from Al Pachino and Sylvester Stallone. They are making what sounds like the most horrible of movies. Then the REAL Dom Batman calls in to give us his Halloween safety tips.


October 24 2013

The PIzza Problem

This week we have a jam packed show for everyone. To start things off Chomps prank phone calls a pizza guy and things go bad quick. Then Arnold Schwarzenegger is looking to get into the new star wars movie and gives us his audition.


October 18 2013

Ice Cream Social Media

This week on Chomps the party is over and the government is back in action. To start the show, a call from the 88.9 Marketing Rep. Then Steven Seagal calls in to tell us about his new movie.


October 10 2013

A Crumby Toast

This week on Chomps we have a vey special show. To start things off Chomps cold calls Natures Valley granola bars to find out why the are so crumbly. Then Beth Bathers calls in to discuss what happened to her toast that Chomps was looking after. All of this and so much more on this weeks show.


October 3 2013

Forbidden Fruit

What a week and what a show to go with it. First an Apple calls in to talk about the terrible time that is upon us, CIDER SEASON! Then Sharon Lalala calls in to talk about The Pope saying do whatever you want. Its a great show for our great fans, more next week!