November 28 2013


A happy Chompsgiving to all of our listeners! We are thankful to have you on the other side of our show. This week Chomps talks to Green Bean Casserole, who claims that the greatest things come from cans. Then a Turkey that was pardoned calls in to tell us about being a turkey. All of this and a huge thank you to all of you from us here at Chomps The Cat Food Call In Show. 


November 22 2013

Snack And To The Left Remembering JFK

What a show we have this week ladies and gentlemen. We start off with Knowles who is having a celebration in honor of the 50 year anniversary of the JFK assassination. Then Rodger Goodell calls in to talk about bullying problems in the NFL.


November 14 2013

The Affordable Lunch Act

What a show Chomps has for everyone this week. First she brings back her favorite segment Cold Cut Calls and gives the Obama Care hotline a call. Chomps wants her Obama Cares. Then the Mayor of Toronto Robert Ford calls in to talk about his recent reports of drug use. 


November 7 2013

The National Sandwich Association

What a show this week for all of our wonderful listeners. First Mark Roebuck calls in to tell all of us about some of Chomps past. Where she came from and how she got to New Mexico, how exciting! Then Chomps studio is bugged by the NSA, and boy does she give them an earful. All of this and of course news and more!