January 30 2014

Duck Soup

The hits keep on coming with Chomps The Cat. This week we talk to Darius the Duck about Duck Dynasty and swamps. Then we have a Big Foot enthusiast that calls in upset that people are hunting Bigfoot. It's a wonderful show this week, enjoy it.


January 27 2014

Putin The Bass Back In Bassics

What a show we have this week, and Chomps is here to start it off strong. Our first call comes from a Snow Cone that is working for the Sochi Olympics. Boy oh boy does he have some interesting information on Putin. Then Toxoplasmosis speaks to us telepathically and things get weird. All of this and so much more this week on Chomps The Cat.


January 16 2014

Chris Crispy

Chomps has some BIG guests this week. She starts off the show by having none other than Chris Christy come by and talk about some of his latest political flubs and what is in his future. Then an admirer of Chomps calls in and whats this, do we hear wedding bells? All of this and so much more on this weeks Chomps The Cat. 


January 9 2014

Black 1080 Eyed Peas

Its a new year and Chomps is all about resolutions this week. First we have a Resolution Expert on to tell us what are some good and bad resolutions. Then a Jell-o Shot calls in trying to remember the events of Chomps party last night. She is not very happy with what she finds out. 


January 3 2014

Big Frack

The new year is here and we are bringing you some great shows to go with it. First Harry Meanwell calls in to talk about fracking. Then Chomps gets a cold call from Gary And The Giant. Things get weird, things get fun. enjoy the show!