February 27 2014

Nuclear War Dreads

The Olympics are over but Chomps has not given up on them. First we have a call from an Onion Ring that was eaten by Sage Kostenberg before his Gold Medal run. Then Foghorn Airhorn calls in about a button that he has to watch and never push. Does he push it? Listen to find out!


February 20 2014

A Spoonful Of Shakur

What a show we have this week, the hits just keep on coming. First Chomps calls her friend Ryan to figure out if she saw Tupac at the grocery store. Then Jerry the Mechanic calls in to talk about his hopes of taking over the tonight show. All of this and so much more this week on Chomps.


February 13 2014

Waste The Rainbow

The new week is here and with it a new episode of Chomps. First we talk to Marshawn Lynch's Skittles about how things have been since the super bowl. The answer is not very good. Then Boston Creme Pie Yogurt calls in with an identity problem.


February 6 2014

The lunch-pad

Chomps keeps the phones on the hooks and the callas coming strong this week. First Tim from Belen calls to talk to us about how he wants to be a part of the mars mission. Then a Scientist calls about the West Virginia water contamination. It might still taste like licorice, but that doesn't mean its bad to drink. All of this and so much more on this weeks Chomps!