March 28 2014

Grubbin On A Lunch Break

Chomps has a very unique in studio show today. First Grubbs comes by and gives us some back story on him and Chomps. Then Chomps is called into Mister Anderson's office to talk about her paper work.


March 20 2014

Airplane Food

A show not to be missed this week folks. Last weeks show was pure garbage compared to this one. We start the show off with a call from Mark Subway who is doing a strange promotion to Subway stores during March Madness. Then we call from the missing Malaysia plane! Where is it? What's going on? We have the scoop!


March 6 2014

In God We Crust

What a show Chomps has cooked up for this week. First The Wizard calls back in to talk about his roommate The Knight and their adventures. Then a couple of Artisan Toast Makers gives Chomps a ring to talk about their toast.