May 29 2014

Whats The Deal With Grubbs?

Chomps The Cat Food Call In Show has a fantastic episode this week! First we get a call from Airplane Food and it wants to know What The Deal is. Then Grubbs stops by the studio and some very interesting things happen. All of this and of course so much more this week on Chomps!


May 22 2014

The Best Of Chomps Radio Year 2 Part Two

Part two of our best of is now live and ready to be listened to! We are so happy to have all you ChompHeads out there going wile for these shows. This week we look back on Beth's Missing Toast, Cronuts, Gary and The Giant and of course the Missing Malaysian Plane. You keep listening and we'll keep making em. Thanks for all the love and support.


May 15 2014

The Best Of Chomps Radio Year 2 Part 1

Two years of Chomps Radio are in the books people! This week we look back at some of our best calls from the last year. In the first edition of our two part series we look back at calls with Groupon, Steven Segal, Uncle Marty and Chris Christie. Thanks for the wonderful support and stay tuned for the second half next week!


May 8 2014

National Draft Day Day

It's that time again, a new Chomps and some new calls. First Chomps starts the show by talking to Grace about all of the national days. Most of them I didn't know existed. Then a Draft Correspondent for the Cleveland Browns calls in to talk about the NFL draft! Also a call from a stylist, all of this and so much more this week on Chomps.


May 1 2014

Conflicting North Korean BBQ

Chomps The Cat is rippin' and roarin' this week on her new episode. First she talks to Kim Jong Un about why North Koreans have to get the same haircut as him. Then a call from a life long Groupie who has a lot to say about some conflicts on interest that she sees.