June 26 2014

Soccer Vs Mushrooms

What a week for Chomps this has been. We have a packed show this week, starting with a debate! We have a Patent Clerk and Bill Cunningham debate whats better, The World Cup or hallucinogenic Mushrooms? Then Carlos Santanious comes on to show Chomps his guitar skills. 


June 19 2014

Wooly Bully

Chomps has a breakthrough week when a marketing genius named Brandon comes on to market Chomps. Then we do some speed calls and answer as many questions as we can. Don't forget to pick up your very own wooly bully!


June 11 2014

The Grape Escape

We're a bit early this week so enjoy it while you can people! Chomps starts the show with a call from a Piñata that has got itself in a jam, but Chomps and the Baby are all messed up on catnip! Then a quick call from Kim Jong Un. Finally Chomps and the Baby are LIVE from the NBA finals.


June 5 2014

Powdered Redemption

Chomps is newer than it's ever been at this very moment! This week we have a lot of fun interesting calls. First Rodger Eliott calls in to talk about redemption. Then a call from Powder wondering why there are so many solids in the world. Enjoy the show!