July 31 2014

Malaysian Taco Tuesdays

What a show Chomps has for everyone this week. First Hank calls back in trying to exchange Chomps taco for all of the tea in China. Then a call from Gar Samuals who wants to talk about the troubles Malaysian Airlines have been having. Enjoy the show!


July 24 2014

Chop Sueycide

IT'S EPISODE 100!!!! WE DID IT! This week we have a call from the one and only Suicide Kitty! Then Bill Cunningham from 88.9 The X cannot handle Chomps's radio programming.


July 18 2014

Let’s Taco Bout It

What a show Chomps has this week. She starts with a call from a Hostage Taker! Chomps taco is missing and our first caller has it and will only return it for ALL of the tea in china! Then Terry Bradshaw comes down to the studio and tries to make Chomps an NFL mascot.


July 10 2014

The Popes Craft Services

Chomps is here have no fear ladies and gentleman. She starts the show with a call from a couple of brothers who have some interesting things to say about The Pope. Then Jack Sweden calls in to tell Chomps all about the new Star Wars movie. 


July 3 2014

Let Us Cheese

Chomps is back and better than ever this week. She starts off with a call from Jelly Roll Mortin Downey Jr a traveling food comedian calling in from the road. Then the improv group Comedy? calls in to talk about a tour the are on that's coming through Albuquerque.