August 28 2014

Chomps Chomps Chomps

What a show we have this week! First Chomps talks to someone who is really into twins, maybe too much. Then a call from a Screen Writer who needs help writing a movie. All of this and much more on Chomps!


August 21 2014

Where The Sideburn Ends

What a show we have for you this week. First Chomps gets a call from Mike Mcklusky who is trying to sell her life insurance. Then a call from Steve who shaves beards, or as he would call it "discovering the face". All of this and Chomps takes a nap on this weeks show!


August 14 2014

The Emmys Are Bullogna

Chomps has a show for the ages this week! First she talks to some Churizo that will be at Gilbert Godfreys Emmy party. Then a Pirate Of The Caribbean super fan calls in. All of this and of course Bull The Bulldog this week on Chomps!


August 5 2014

Henry Swagger Churro

Chomps The Cat could not of had a better week if she tried. First off a call from the one and only Swagger The Dog! New mascot for the Cleveland Browns. Then a Churro calls in and we are talking EMMYS people! All of this and The Baby too this week on Chomps.