December 26 2014

A Very Merry Chompsmas

Chomps is here with a very special Christmas episode. First a call from the big guy himself, SANTA. It's a big get for the show and we really go into what makes Santa tick. Then a call from a Gift Wrapper that is also a musical Rapper. All of this and yule tide cheer this week on Chomps!


December 18 2014


Chomps is here with her first ever football special! She gets a call from Rex Ryan and talks all things Jets. Then Matthew Berry calls in to give Chomps some fantasy football advice! You gotta tip your hat to that. Are you ready for some podcast!


December 11 2014

Salavation Army

Chomps is back after being stuffed from Chompsgiving and has a breathtaking show this week. First Chomps talks to Chuck Mangione (no relation) about his used food restaurant. Then going through some old files, Chomps finds a tape of her last episode! It's pretty weird guys, what does the future hold for Chomps? Enjoy the show!


December 5 2014


It's that time of year again everyone, it's time to celebrate CHOMPSGIVING! We have a wonderful episode today for you, starting with the story of the very first Thanksgiving! Then Chomps gets a call from Rasin Awareness who is spreading the good word of the Rasin. All of this and so much more this week for Chompsgiving!