February 28 2015

Boyscout Cookies

Are you ready for this weeks Chomps you freakies?! Well i hope so, Chomps starts off with a call from Billy the Boy Scout about ways to keep warm during this cold winter. Then a Meteorologist comes on to talk about a star that buzzed right by the sun...thousands of years ago. All of this and a crew cut v neck this week on Chomps!


February 20 2015

Westminster Hot Dog Show

Chomps is calling on all her late night roadsters and sexy mamas on this weeks show. First a call from a big 18 wheeling trucker who has invented the Hot Toilet. What is it? Why do we need it? Chomps gets to the bottom of these and more questions. Then Tina from Purina calls in to to talk about the Westminster Dog Show, and she competes with Baby in a dog show contest! All of this and your own working spaceship on this weeks Chomps!


February 13 2015

Save Room For Deserters

What a fantastic week of Chomps Radio we have this week. First Chomps talks to Scott Kelly about his upcoming trip to the cosmos and what would happen if things went wrong? Then the one and only Left Shark is on the line hot off of the Super Bowl to talk about what went down. All of this and a can do attitude this week on Chomps!


February 5 2015

Matrix Are For Kids

What a week and what a show to go with it. Chomps has pulled out all of the stops and boy did she make a mess doing it. First we have a call from Chomps old science teacher Matt Peterson who has some bad news about Chomps graduation. Then an Extreme Horse Rider calls in and talk all about taking horses off road and jumping them. All of this and a warm fleece blanket, this week on Chomps.