March 26 2015

A Spoonful Of Suge Knight

What a week and what a show we have for all you freakies. First a call from an Inventor about his newest project, The CPU-Arm. Then Grubbs is catching cases! He got mixed up with Suge Knight and needs Chomps to bail him out! All of that and the meaning of life this week on Chomps!


March 19 2015

Putin The Sandwich In The Dip

If you're not ready for this weeks episode of Chomps, i don't really know what to tell ya. This week a French Dip comes on the show looking for his lost dipping sauce. Then a friend of Vladimir Putin tells us where he was when he was missing for ten days. All of that and the cleaning power of lemon this week on Chomps.


March 13 2015

Eating With Your Eyes

Chomps is reading a list and checking it twice this week. First on the show an Old Man brings Chomps a list that he would like her to read. Then a Scientist comes onto the show to talk about how some people can smell color and answer Chomps science questions! All of this and the cure for baldness in two easy steps this week on Chomps!