April 23 2015

Tim T-Bone

What a week and what a show we have for you. Chomps is talking one of her all time favorite topics...Football! We have Chip Kelly from the Philadelphia Eagles on to talk about Tim Tebow and how he plans to fit him into his offense. Then Chomps made a movie! She plays us a clip and talks to the Director of the film. All of this and and fresh clean breath, this week on Chomps!


April 17 2015

The American Cheese Dream

Chomps T Cat is the straw that broke the camels back and on this week show things get a little cray cray. First a call from the one and only Mike Lovato, speech writer for Hiliary Clinton. Chomps and The Baby go over some scenarios and how Hilary would respond to them. Then a strange call from either a foreign man, an american or someone using a scream style voice box and then another one to turn it normal again. All of this and free white privilege this week on Chomps!


April 9 2015

I Am A Baby

Chomps has a show for you this week. A comedy show, a get up and clap at the radio funny style show. First a call from an Elvis Impersonator Impersonator. He's getting lot's of work these days and even sings us a song! Then an Adage Agency calls up to spit ball some new adages for the modern era. Thanks this week to Jason Green and Sarah Kennedy.   
For The Baby.

April 2 2015

South By South Western Omelette

April is here and it brings with it a brand new episode of Chomps The Cat. First a call from our South By South West correspondent who gives us all the gossip about the festival and who married there cousins. Then Frank has traveled forward in time from Crete and he's being chased by a giant three headed dog! Only Chomps can help him out of his life or death situation. All of this and a lower carbon footprint this week on Chomps.