May 29 2015


What a show we have for all your freakies this week on Chomps! First a call from the new Movie Reviewer on the show! Well, he's auditioning to be the new movie reviewer, hopefully he gets the part. Then Chomps calls the IT department after having some issues with her sound. All of that and a flea comb this week on Chomps!


May 22 2015

Exit Through The Snack Shop

This week Chomps has what we in the business like to call, a get. We have the one and only Banksy calling in this week. He exposes his true identity and the meaning behind some of his work. Then Pat Sievert calls in to talk about the death penalty and the sentencing of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. All of that and a fresh apple cobbler this week on Chomps!


May 15 2015

Can’t Deflate My Swagger

What a show Chomps has put together this week. First a call to Swagger The Dog to talk about Deflate Gate and all things football! Then Chomps need a vacation, so we get a Travel Agent on the line. Will Chomps ever find a place to vacation to? Did Tom Brady really do it? Find out all of this and why the Big Bang happened this week on Chomps


May 7 2015

One Bad Apple

What a show Chomps has for all of her Freakies this week. First a call from a Space Worm that is trying to take over the world! Chomps gives him some pointers on how to fit it on earth. Then a Bad Apple calls in and starts turning The Baby to the dark side! All of this and free star wars toys this week on Chomps!


May 2 2015

Going Clear Cola Crystal Pepsi

Chomps is going clear everyone. In this weeks episode Chomps gets a call from a Scientologist and gets audited! Then who is ready for Chomps's Money Corner! With the one and only Ryan Ruples they discuss the economy and all things money. All of this and fresh baked muffins this week on chomps.