June 25 2015

Let’s Give Em Something To Taco Bout

Where are all my Freakies at!! We're really getting into the nitty gritty today folks. First we talk to a Taco about, well really a whole lot of stuff. What it's like to be a Taco, who supplies a Taco with health care all the important questions. Then a huge get as Chomps gets a call from Greg Gregory, the jockey who rode the triple crown winning horse American Pharaoh to victory! All of this and 5 easy ways to iron a crinkled shirt, this week on Chomps!


June 12 2015

Drop It Like It’s Don

This week we are talking to some freakies about being a freaky. First a call from the head of Dish Network with some new ideas for some drops. They really don't seem to mesh with the tone of the normal drops on the show. Then we do our much awaited Man Men finale special! You've been waiting for us to talk about and we go deep into the show. All of this and chicken cutlets steamed to perfection on this weeks show!


June 5 2015

Good To The Last Slop

We have a lot to talk about this week freakies and we have a great show to do it with. First a call from an old old man, who is maybe seeing a ghost? He is pretty confused but Chomps helps him get some things straight. Then a call from a proud American man who has a lot to say about Communism I'm our country. All of this and cheat codes to the new Fallout this week on Chomps.