July 31 2015

Bourne And Bread

It is that time of the week again freakies. This week Chomps helps someone plan their wedding, but uh oh the are related to a high profile drug trafficker! Then Ben Affleck and Matt Damon call in to get help with their new Vampire movie. All of this and socks that don't get holes in them this week on Chomps,


July 23 2015

Freakies On Fire

It's that time of the week again freakies, time for the new episode of Chomps! This week Chomps talks to a pair of Screen Writers who want her help writing their new movie! Then The Baby is letting out his musical side and Chomps is having none of it. Chomps calls her Music Expert to figure out what song The Baby has stuck in his head. All of that and some 2 sided dice this week on Chomps.


July 16 2015

Trump Card

We have such an amazing show for you this week i can barely describe it. First we get a call from Donald Trump who wants to tell Chomps all about his campaign for the presidency. Then a Trucker is on the line and he's been pulled over and needs Chomps help to get out of it! All of this and a steak sandwich this week on Chomps. 


July 9 2015

It Is Not Enough That I Should Eat Bread, It Is Enough That Others Should Not Eat Bread

Oh boy folks, things get really really weird this week, so let's get right into it. First we talk to a a Graphic Artist who has some strange ideas for what it means to be a hero. Then Chomps somehow talks to The General Lee, famed car of the Duke Boys. The General is upset about the cancelation of his show and has some ideas to make it PC. All of this and 5 easy tips on home gardening this week on Chomps!


July 3 2015

Hard Knock Grubbs

What a week and what a show to go with it ladies and gentleman. On this weeks show we talk to someone you may remember, Dunk-A-Roos calls in to talk about how no one carries it anymore, and guess what, he's looking for his father. Then we talk to Grubbs who has been in jail for a while and seems to be doing alright in there. All of that and free tickets to Jurassic World this week on Chomps!