August 26 2015

The Best Of Chomps The Cat Year 3 (pt. 2 Jason Green)

Well folks it's time to wrap up the Best Of with an all Jason Green episode. Jason is the third chair on the Chomps show, a huge contributor and all around funny guy. See him on tour, google him, send him care packages and most of all enjoy some of his funniest bits from the last year. Calls this week include a Marketing Expert selling Wooly Bully, The Chomps The Cat Annual Talent Show, An Old Man with a list and Halloween Candy Ghost Stories.  


August 20 2015

The Best of Chomps The Cat Year 3 (pt. 1)

Chomps put another year in the books. 

Now it's time for the best of the last year. 
Chomps talks to the inventor of the CPU Arm. (Michael Lavato) 
She calls T-Mobile. (Will Bolt)
Two writers call for help with their script. In this story two men are competing to win a bet. The winner gets to set themselves on fire. (Mark Roebuck and Dan Currie)
Then Chomps talks to the owner of a Used Food Store. (Pat Sievert) 
We close it out with the true identity of the street artist Banksy. (Mike O'Keefe)

August 14 2015

Life Begins At Inception

Chomps is one tough mother and this week she has just the show to keep your heart pumping. First we have the one, the only, the triumphant return of Uncle Marty! Chomps talks to her Uncle about what is new in his life, here is a hint, it's teeny AND tiny. Then Chomps gets a call from Scrambled Eggs, but she can't seem to focus on the call, but then again neither can the Eggs. All of that this week and a pair of argyle socks!


August 7 2015

Pluto, The Uber Planet

What a show we have for you this week, i hope you are all well rested and ready for it. First we take a trip down Chomps Science Corner where we talk to a Scientist who is very proud of Pluto. Then a call from The Baby's new job as he picks up a couple of guys who are up to no good. All of this and free Pepto this week on Chomps.