September 24 2015

Copy Katz Deli

are you ready for some Chomps calls! A thursday night Chompy! This week a call from a Football Game! Well it seems like a football game and then from there things kind of get weird. Then a call from the Lansing State Journal about using its newspaper like a chat room. All of this and a stressful in the shape of Chomps this week on the show!


September 17 2015

Money Corn ER

Chomps is here and all of you have nothing to fear this week. First we take a trip down to Chomps Money Corner where we have an economist tell us what we should be doing with all of our money. Then a call from the White House Aid that broke the news to George W about 911. All of this and of course free MRI's for all this week on CHOMPS!


September 12 2015

Take Out Orders In The Court

Chomps is a little late this week but only because she was frosting the episode to completion. This week Chomps talks to a councilor, kinda, maybe. Also Chomps and The Baby read some monologues to improv there friendship/ Then a very strange call, where is is coming from and who or what is it? It can only be decided by a court case! All of that and a life time supply of soy sauce this week on Chomps!


September 5 2015

Trump Talk

We have an all Trump show this week ladies and gents. First we start with a Camp Counselor that wants to find that special someone for Chomps and The Baby. But this summer camp is not all that it seems. Then a piece of Corn that is stuck in Donald Trumps teeth is on the show telling Chomps about the weird things it goes through. All of that and a free small coffee this week on Chomps!