November 29 2015


It's that time of year again folks, time to celebrate Chompsgiving! On this years show we talk to a Food Specialist that teaches us the safe way to test your Thanksgiving food. Then a call from Big Joe who wants to talk one thing, CFL Thanksgiving Football! All of this and the recipe for our grandmas cranberry sauce this week on Chomps!


November 22 2015

On The Cat Wok

Chomps has been churning and burnin the week away putting together the best show she can for all you freakies out there. First Chomps is hosting a Telethon trying to cure Lethal Injection, lots of callers weigh on in the subject and donate to the cause. Then Chomps is running for a spot on her Housing Board but needs some help getting a couple extra votes. All of this and the cure for bed bugs this week on Chomps!


November 14 2015

Chomps Movie Spoiler Corner!

What a show we have wrapped into a tight little ball this week for you to enjoy. First we talk about Dog Boss, it's a new sitcom The Baby is writing. We get a call from Rotton Tomatoes and we find out how they feel about the falls hottest movies! Then we talk to Mike, a boom operator on the new Star Wars movie and he gives Chomps all the spoilers she wants! All of that and free lightsabers this week on Chomps!


November 7 2015

The Star Spangled Kitty

It's that time of the week again freakies, time for CHOMPS! This week she gets a call from a Renter of a house she has that needs some maintenance. But can a baby maintenance man fix a leaky ghost problem? Then Chomps talks to one of Obamas aids about the President and whats going on in this country. All of that and a bag of dum dums this week on Chomps!