February 24 2016

Gnome Chompsky

Chomps has a serious get on this weeks show and we cannot wait to share it with you. First a call from Noam Chomsky who has a lot to say from the state of the country to his oscar picks! Then a call from a student whose life has been changed by Donald Trump in a biblical way. All of this and free rain boots this week on Chomps!


February 13 2016

The Chomps In Our Stars

We are in the mood for love this week on Chomps! First a call from a Star Registry that is selling any and all stars for valentines day. Then a man is hit by a car and saved by Jaime Fox and we have that man on the line! He tells us all about being in a car crash and becoming a celebrity. All of this and a free love potion this week on Chomps!


February 6 2016

Candy Insurance

What a week and what a show to go along with it. This week Chomps gets a call from a Celebrity Death Insurance salesman who is pitching some strange investing options. Then a Candy Cane feels lost and unwanted after Christmas and turns to Chomps to support. All of this and road side assistance this week on Chomps!