March 26 2016

Not The Mama

Chomps has some very interesting calls on this weeks show, from the jurassic period to the farm land. First a call from a man who's wife is pregnant with a T Rex baby and he needs Chomps help deciding how to raise it. Then a Farmer and next door neighbor to Chomps The Cat calls in to complain about Chomps. All of that and a bag of chips this week on Chomps!


March 19 2016

Chomps’s Life Hacks

This show is in full force today and we have some great calls. First someone from Chomps past shows up, Slimey Steve! Steve tells us all about his life hacks to make the everyday life a little easier. Then Chomps sees something weird at work and The Baby convinces her to Call HR about it. All of that and a free tennis racket this week on Chomps!


March 14 2016

Chomps The Cat SXSW Rock and Roll Edition

What a wonderfully music filled episode we have for you today. First a call from Kevin Curtin Austin music writer who wants Chomps band to play at SXSW! But there may be a catch to come with her stardom. Then Donald Trump is back and he is really off the rails this time. All of this and a farmers tan this week on Chomps!


March 6 2016

Cruz Control

Chomps is breaking some serious news this week. First a detective Hammer is on the case of Ted Cruz being The Zodiac killer and has some interesting evidence to back it up. Then a German man living in American calls in to talk about freedom and the American dream! Ask of this and a free pair of Chomps theme socks this week on Chomps!


March 2 2016

Stomaching The Truth

Chomps has something very special planned for this weeks episode. First the continuing saga of Chomps and Babies couples counseling continues as they are both given Truth Serum to say what they really think about each other. Then a call from Debin thats D-E-B-I-N, Debin calls to talk about the Oscars and the lack of diversity in the nominees, oh and Japan. All of that this week and your very own Chomps sized Oscar this week on Chomps!