April 25 2016

Summer Slam

What a show this week, from the court room to the beach we have it all. First Chomps talks to a Lawyer who demands a strong presence in the court room, and we mean physically strong. Then Chomps and The Baby are recording live from the beach! They talk there favorite beach games and debate going in the water. All of this and SPF 45 sun screen this week on Chomps!


April 17 2016


Chomps has some serious callers on this weeks show. First Chomps is accosted on a bus by a Ghost that scream in her face, and we talk to that ghost! Why did he scream in her face? how do ghosts work? We get to the bottom of it. Then some of Chomps law suits are starting to catch up with her so she calls all three of her Lawyers and they figure some things out. All of that this week and some free ghost repellent this week on Chomps!


April 10 2016

Bustin Brackets

Chomps is in full non stop action this week. First she takes multiple calls about March Madness and goes over some busted brackets. Then a Salesmen comes on the show to sell Chomps a lot of different items, but they seem to have a lot in common with each other. All of that and left over Easter candy this week on Chomps!