May 23 2016

The Four Year Anniversary Show!

It's the four year anniversary of the Chomps The Cat Show and we are doing it right this year. First Chomps and The Baby go back and listen to some of their favorite calls from the years. Then Jimmy Fallon calls in to talk to The Baby about how to bring Dog Boss to television! All of that this week and a big thank you to all of our listeners this week on Chomps!!!


May 15 2016

The Great Pickle Debate

Chomps is up to her old tricks this week and things start to get a little crazy. First a call to The Babys internet provider to figure out why his signal is so bad. Then John Kasich was seen eating a pickle and we have a scoop right from one of his aides! All of this and the perfect pickle recipe this week on Chomps! 


May 8 2016

The Juice Is Loose

Chomps has a very interesting show for al you freakies out there this week. First Chomps takes a call for another Call In Show and she's on the air! Who is calling who on this very mixed up call? Then Chomps has on TV critics who have just seen the new OJ show, they like it but think it was too unbelievable for TV. All of this and some strawberry summer pie this week on Chomps!


May 1 2016

The Cure For The Common Curse

Chomps is back from Mexico and she has a story to tell, but her voice is starting to go away! We find out Chomps went to Mexico looking for a treasure, but came back cursed! We get to the bottom of it and talk to a priest, a cop, a doctor, whoever can help! All of that a the cure for the common curse this week on Chomps!