June 26 2016


This week Chomps is coming at you from broadway! We are talking of course about the new hit musical Reagalton based on the lif of Ronal Regan. Chomps talks to the playwright Lynda Manuel Miranda Rights about her inspiration and the show itself. Then Chomps talks to an Agent with hopes of getting representation. All of that and a perfectly cooked steak this week on Chomps.


June 19 2016

Death Train 2: The Day The Earth Stood Spinning

This week will go down in history as what we call a "Chomps Show Classic." First Jason Green is on the line and he has a lot to say about what is a food and when a food becomes food. Then Chomps and The Baby read some lines from a hot new script, Death Train 2. All of this and so much more this week on Chomps!


June 11 2016

Feel The Don

We are feeling the Don this week on Chomps! First we talk to a campaign manager for Donald Trump who gives us some insight into how to best Feel The Don. Then the Circus is coming to town featuring ICP and happing everywhere it sounds like a can't miss show! All of that and a free hatchet this week on Chomps!


June 5 2016

The Best Of Chomps Year Four

It's the year four Best Of Chomps show! This week we have a compilation of some of the best calls from the last year of Chomps The Cat. We talk about life hacks and hear about Uncle Marty going to Mars. We look back on the time Chomps and The Baby took truth serum and we take a visit to the Money Corner and so much more this week on Chomps!


June 1 2016

The Biggest Show On Earth

Chomps is starting off year four with a bang! First a call from a Young Boy who is lost at Disney Land, he seems to have gotten himself into some serious trouble and needs Chomps help. Then Chomps plays a movie trailer for a new film that she's in. All of that and an I voted sticker this week on Chomps!