October 21 2016

Out Of The Oven and Into The Fire

This week on Chomps we have some very special callers who really need Chomps help. First we talk to Sargent, and Sargent just wants to go outside but he needs Chomps help getting out! Then we talk to a Lawyer about a new lay passed saying that 911 victims can sue the Saudi government. All of that and a treat if you're a good boy this week on Chomps!


October 10 2016

Cowboy Times vs Future Land

This week on Chomps we are talking West World! We have the show runner on to talk about how he came up with the idea, and The Baby seems to find a lot of similarities with Dog Boss. Then Chomps has on a councilor to help her relationship with her producer. All of that and a free robot horse ride this week on Chomps!


August 9 2016

The Jerky Boys

We have it all these heels ladies and freakies. First Chomps talks to her IT guy to try and figure out how all her emails got hacked just like the DNC. Then two fun loving Jerky makers call in to tell Chomps all about their exquisite jerkys. All of that and the 5 P's of Jerky making this week on Chomps!


July 31 2016

Citizen Chomps

Chomps is back! After a short hiatus Chomps returns with a bang this week, first she talks to a city planner and The Baby designs his perfect city. Then Edward Snowden calls to talk about Pokemon Go being used to track people personal data. All of this and a Chomps chooses you this week and Chomps!


July 1 2016

Make Chomps Show Great Again

We are celebrating America this week on the Chomps show. First a Chomps talks to a famous celebrity chef and learns some great Fourth of July Recipes. Then The Baby and Chomps talk about how Chomps Dog Boss audition went. All of this and a big thank you to the ole U-S of A this week on Chomps.


June 26 2016


This week Chomps is coming at you from broadway! We are talking of course about the new hit musical Reagalton based on the lif of Ronal Regan. Chomps talks to the playwright Lynda Manuel Miranda Rights about her inspiration and the show itself. Then Chomps talks to an Agent with hopes of getting representation. All of that and a perfectly cooked steak this week on Chomps.


June 11 2016

Feel The Don

We are feeling the Don this week on Chomps! First we talk to a campaign manager for Donald Trump who gives us some insight into how to best Feel The Don. Then the Circus is coming to town featuring ICP and happing everywhere it sounds like a can't miss show! All of that and a free hatchet this week on Chomps!


February 24 2016

Gnome Chompsky

Chomps has a serious get on this weeks show and we cannot wait to share it with you. First a call from Noam Chomsky who has a lot to say from the state of the country to his oscar picks! Then a call from a student whose life has been changed by Donald Trump in a biblical way. All of this and free rain boots this week on Chomps!


January 30 2016

You Cruz You Lose

Chomps has one some real heavy hitters this week. First a call from Republican Candidate Ted Cruz who wants to promote his campaign and politics on the show. Then the one and only Bill Belichik talks about everything except last weeks Patriots game. All of this and a complimentary pillow mint this week on Chomps!


December 19 2015


What a show we have this week for all you wonderful listeners. First a call from one of Bowe Bergdahls friends in the army who was there when he deserted. Then Chomps and The Baby have a long chat about gun control, gum control and police boats. All of this and the recipe for Chomps special Egg Nog this week on Chomps!

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