November 7 2016

Chomptobers Halloween Special

It's Halloween again! Well its a little past Halloween but we have an episode filled with tricks, treats and the American way. This week we learn about some famous ghost couples and we get a look into some great Halloween business ventures. All of this and a special trick this week on Chomps!


October 29 2016

Get Fit With Chomps The Cat

This week on Chomps we have an all story episode brought to you by Chomps The Cat. First Chomps goes to court over some very strange circumstances. Then Chomps and The Baby have on a writer friend to talk about making the perfect workout video. All of this and tricks and treats this week on Chomps!


October 21 2016

Out Of The Oven and Into The Fire

This week on Chomps we have some very special callers who really need Chomps help. First we talk to Sargent, and Sargent just wants to go outside but he needs Chomps help getting out! Then we talk to a Lawyer about a new lay passed saying that 911 victims can sue the Saudi government. All of that and a treat if you're a good boy this week on Chomps!


November 7 2015

The Star Spangled Kitty

It's that time of the week again freakies, time for CHOMPS! This week she gets a call from a Renter of a house she has that needs some maintenance. But can a baby maintenance man fix a leaky ghost problem? Then Chomps talks to one of Obamas aids about the President and whats going on in this country. All of that and a bag of dum dums this week on Chomps!


October 31 2015

Chomptober Special

It's about to get all kind of scary up in here! This week we have our annual Chomptober special, filled with tricks, treats, ghouls, ghosts and politics. First a call from a Politician running for president, his platform mostly involves Halloween candy and building a wall in the sky. Then, looking for a last minute costume? We talk to a Halloween USA employee that tells us what the kids are dressing up as this year! All of this and a bag full of spiders this week on Chomps!


October 24 2015

The Martin

This week Chomps goes to MARS!!!! Well, kind of. Uncle Marty is back on the show for Chomptober to talk about his book The Martin and how he sold it to Hollywood. We learn all about Afghanistan, Matt Damon and eating potatoes this week on Chomps!  


October 15 2015

Dishin It Out

What a week and what a show we have. Dishtober has ended but Chomptober is in full swing! First we talk to Blake Bortles, then we talk to Blake Bortles. Then a surprise call from the one and only BLAKE BORTLES! Then a call from a Pizza Guy who is watching some weird kids. All of this and a special Treat or Trick this week on CHOMPS!

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