August 23 2016

Hey Chomps There’s Something In The Backroom

Chomps has been out with some really famous and cool people this week and she would like you all to know about it. First Tom Delonge from Blink 182 comes on the show to talk about a recent trip to Area 51 with Chomps. Then the Baby and chomps continue the great Dog Boss saga and we see if Chomps can finally get a part in the show. All of this and Mexican food from sombreros just because this week on Chomps!


July 31 2016

Citizen Chomps

Chomps is back! After a short hiatus Chomps returns with a bang this week, first she talks to a city planner and The Baby designs his perfect city. Then Edward Snowden calls to talk about Pokemon Go being used to track people personal data. All of this and a Chomps chooses you this week and Chomps!


March 14 2016

Chomps The Cat SXSW Rock and Roll Edition

What a wonderfully music filled episode we have for you today. First a call from Kevin Curtin Austin music writer who wants Chomps band to play at SXSW! But there may be a catch to come with her stardom. Then Donald Trump is back and he is really off the rails this time. All of this and a farmers tan this week on Chomps!


March 6 2016

Cruz Control

Chomps is breaking some serious news this week. First a detective Hammer is on the case of Ted Cruz being The Zodiac killer and has some interesting evidence to back it up. Then a German man living in American calls in to talk about freedom and the American dream! Ask of this and a free pair of Chomps theme socks this week on Chomps!


January 9 2016

Fill Me Up Coach

We are back with a fun filled episode this week with a lot to talk about. First we have on Mikey Mike who has a lot to say about the government and who is watching who. Then a call from the one and only Tom Coughlin comes on to talk about all the great times he had in New York coaching the Giants. All of this and a laces out cookie this week on Chomps!

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