August 29 2017

Chomps Talks To Eliot Mercer

This week Chomps gets a very strange call from a man named Eliott Mercer. He claims that his nieghbor has been moving body parts into his house under the cover of darkness. Eliott also claims to trap deer on his property and whats his is his. Can Chomps and The Baby figure out just what is going on next door? Listen to find out! Thanks this week to Carter Dean. 


March 26 2016

Not The Mama

Chomps has some very interesting calls on this weeks show, from the jurassic period to the farm land. First a call from a man who's wife is pregnant with a T Rex baby and he needs Chomps help deciding how to raise it. Then a Farmer and next door neighbor to Chomps The Cat calls in to complain about Chomps. All of that and a bag of chips this week on Chomps!

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