October 21 2016

Out Of The Oven and Into The Fire

This week on Chomps we have some very special callers who really need Chomps help. First we talk to Sargent, and Sargent just wants to go outside but he needs Chomps help getting out! Then we talk to a Lawyer about a new lay passed saying that 911 victims can sue the Saudi government. All of that and a treat if you're a good boy this week on Chomps!


August 16 2016

The Olympics Show!

This week we are talking the Rio Olympics here on Chomps! First Chomps has on that French Gymnast that broke his leg and we found out what his plans in life are after the games. Then we are talking Fantasy Football and what Cleveland is bringing to the NFL. All of that and a first pick running back this week on Chomps!


June 5 2016

The Best Of Chomps Year Four

It's the year four Best Of Chomps show! This week we have a compilation of some of the best calls from the last year of Chomps The Cat. We talk about life hacks and hear about Uncle Marty going to Mars. We look back on the time Chomps and The Baby took truth serum and we take a visit to the Money Corner and so much more this week on Chomps!


January 30 2016

You Cruz You Lose

Chomps has one some real heavy hitters this week. First a call from Republican Candidate Ted Cruz who wants to promote his campaign and politics on the show. Then the one and only Bill Belichik talks about everything except last weeks Patriots game. All of this and a complimentary pillow mint this week on Chomps!


January 9 2016

Fill Me Up Coach

We are back with a fun filled episode this week with a lot to talk about. First we have on Mikey Mike who has a lot to say about the government and who is watching who. Then a call from the one and only Tom Coughlin comes on to talk about all the great times he had in New York coaching the Giants. All of this and a laces out cookie this week on Chomps!


November 29 2015


It's that time of year again folks, time to celebrate Chompsgiving! On this years show we talk to a Food Specialist that teaches us the safe way to test your Thanksgiving food. Then a call from Big Joe who wants to talk one thing, CFL Thanksgiving Football! All of this and the recipe for our grandmas cranberry sauce this week on Chomps!


September 24 2015

Copy Katz Deli

are you ready for some Chomps calls! A thursday night Chompy! This week a call from a Football Game! Well it seems like a football game and then from there things kind of get weird. Then a call from the Lansing State Journal about using its newspaper like a chat room. All of this and a stressful in the shape of Chomps this week on the show!


August 26 2015

The Best Of Chomps The Cat Year 3 (pt. 2 Jason Green)

Well folks it's time to wrap up the Best Of with an all Jason Green episode. Jason is the third chair on the Chomps show, a huge contributor and all around funny guy. See him on tour, google him, send him care packages and most of all enjoy some of his funniest bits from the last year. Calls this week include a Marketing Expert selling Wooly Bully, The Chomps The Cat Annual Talent Show, An Old Man with a list and Halloween Candy Ghost Stories.  


May 15 2015

Can’t Deflate My Swagger

What a show Chomps has put together this week. First a call to Swagger The Dog to talk about Deflate Gate and all things football! Then Chomps need a vacation, so we get a Travel Agent on the line. Will Chomps ever find a place to vacation to? Did Tom Brady really do it? Find out all of this and why the Big Bang happened this week on Chomps

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