September 21 2017

Chomps Talks To Ed Warren

This week Chomps has a very special in studio guest the one and only Ed Warren! Chomps has been noticing some strange things around her home/office and Ed is the best paranormal investigator she could find. Is her studio haunted or is something more sinster at work? Listen to find out the truth!


August 29 2017

Chomps Talks To Eliot Mercer

This week Chomps gets a very strange call from a man named Eliott Mercer. He claims that his nieghbor has been moving body parts into his house under the cover of darkness. Eliott also claims to trap deer on his property and whats his is his. Can Chomps and The Baby figure out just what is going on next door? Listen to find out! Thanks this week to Carter Dean. 


June 17 2017

Chomps Talks To Amelia Earhart

Chomps has an all time get on this weeks show as her and The Baby talk to Amelia Earhart. The Jason Bourne technology malfunctions and calls back in time to just before Amelias final disatorous trip. Find out what chomps tells her about the Fast and Furious movies in this weeks episode!


June 10 2017

Chomps Talks To Indrid Cold

This week Chomps takes on the big paranormal dogs and gets in touch with Indrid Cold. Some say he's a searcher, some an alien well chomps gets to the bottom of it, from Indrid himself. Thanks this week to Jason Green.


May 27 2017

Chomps Talks Skinwalker Ranch

Everyone knows about how strange and paranormal Skinwalker Ranch is, but what about the ranch right next door? Chomps and The Baby investigate into its mysterious happenings. Thanks this week to Michael Lovato.


May 21 2017

Chomps Talks To Albert Ostman

This week Chomps has on Albert Ostman to talk about that one time he was kidnapped by a whole family of Bigfoot for about a week. We get to the bottom of his story and find out what really happened to Mr Ostman. Thanks this week to Ryan Winberg. 


January 25 2016

On Broadway

Chomps has on an old favorite this week and they come back with a bang! We are of course talking about Kim Jong Un who calls Chomps after successfully testing a nuclear weapon. Then Chomps's old high school pal Don McGuffrey is in the finishing stages of writing a new broadway play, but can't figure out how to end the production. All of this and last years tax returns this week on Chomps!


October 24 2015

The Martin

This week Chomps goes to MARS!!!! Well, kind of. Uncle Marty is back on the show for Chomptober to talk about his book The Martin and how he sold it to Hollywood. We learn all about Afghanistan, Matt Damon and eating potatoes this week on Chomps!  


July 31 2015

Bourne And Bread

It is that time of the week again freakies. This week Chomps helps someone plan their wedding, but uh oh the are related to a high profile drug trafficker! Then Ben Affleck and Matt Damon call in to get help with their new Vampire movie. All of this and socks that don't get holes in them this week on Chomps,

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