August 5 2017

Chomps Talks To An FBI Agent

This week Chomps is going straight to the middle and talking to the one and only Sam Black. Don't know who that is? Well he's only the FBI's very own private detective, for when things don't need to be on the books. Chomps goes deep and finds out some very interesting cases from Sam and things get weirder than you might expect. Thanks this week to Will Bolt. 


May 27 2017

Chomps Talks Skinwalker Ranch

Everyone knows about how strange and paranormal Skinwalker Ranch is, but what about the ranch right next door? Chomps and The Baby investigate into its mysterious happenings. Thanks this week to Michael Lovato.


May 7 2017

Chomps Talks To Dan Blankenship

Chomps and The Baby begin diving into The Money Pit of Oak Island and they start with a bang. They have the one and only Dan Blankenship on the show to discuss what he thinks is buried there and exactly what its been like trying to find it. Thanks this week to Jason Green. 


September 23 2016

A Tail Of Two Chomps

This week we have two very different stories from Chomps! First Chomps and the Baby record a play, thats also a conversation, and its put to music. Then Chomps calls one of her old friends and she records her audio book live on the air with him! All of that and free tickets to the movies this week on Chomps.


June 5 2016

The Best Of Chomps Year Four

It's the year four Best Of Chomps show! This week we have a compilation of some of the best calls from the last year of Chomps The Cat. We talk about life hacks and hear about Uncle Marty going to Mars. We look back on the time Chomps and The Baby took truth serum and we take a visit to the Money Corner and so much more this week on Chomps!


December 19 2015


What a show we have this week for all you wonderful listeners. First a call from one of Bowe Bergdahls friends in the army who was there when he deserted. Then Chomps and The Baby have a long chat about gun control, gum control and police boats. All of this and the recipe for Chomps special Egg Nog this week on Chomps!


June 5 2015

Good To The Last Slop

We have a lot to talk about this week freakies and we have a great show to do it with. First a call from an old old man, who is maybe seeing a ghost? He is pretty confused but Chomps helps him get some things straight. Then a call from a proud American man who has a lot to say about Communism I'm our country. All of this and cheat codes to the new Fallout this week on Chomps. 

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